Alfa Romeo has been teasing us with the 4C for years now. Luckily for us, it's going to have its North American debut at the New York Auto Show, and should go on sale this summer in the USA. It's about damn time.

At the Geneva Motor Show a 4C Spyder was shown for the first time, and now we're hearing that this is only the first of a series of yearly variants to the tiny sports car. Top Gear thinks that a faster variant is next on the list, and we wouldn't be surprised. Even when the 4C was still just a concept Alfa execs were saying they were considering dropping a faster, Quadrifoglio Verde version. We'd also be interested to see Alfa put together a touring version with a little more luxury and creature comforts. That said, heavier luxuries like electric seats should never find their way into a car with a raison d'etre that can be boiled down to "lightness."

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[via Top Gear