Ready for your super weird sports story of the day? Here we go…

Back in March 2012, model Liz Dickson attended a golf tournament sponsored by Playboy. During that tournament, she was asked to participate in a golf stunt with comedian Kevin Klein. Klein asked her to lay down on her stomach and allow him to put a golf tee between her butt cheeks and tee off. And for whatever reason, she agreed to take part in it.

The stunt didn't go as planned, though. After Klein teed up, he lined up his shot, started his golf swing, and then….BAM. He nailed Dickson right in her backside. She suffered what she claims were permanent injuries as a result of the stunt. And now, she's suing Playboy and wants them to give her $500,000.

What a weird set of circumstances. Now who's got video of all this?!

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[via TMZ Sports]