On Oct. 6, 1993, Michael Jordan stunned the basketball world when he announced his first retirement from the NBA at the age of 30. Whether you believe that he lost "that sense of motivation and that sense that I can prove something" or consider that the death of his father less than three months prior to his announcement played a major role, it's undeniable that Jordan's departure was a huge moment that would've caused a major ripple effect across the league for years to come. However, on this day 19 years ago, MJ held a press conference declaring his return by simply stating "I'm back!" 

Following his first return to the NBA, Jordan went on to receive three scoring titles, two league MVP awards, five All-Star Game selections, and win three more NBA titles. But what would've happened if MJ actually never came back to the league? How would the Chicago Bulls franchise be viewed today? Which players or teams would've stolen the spotlight in MJ's absence? Here are 10 Things That Probably Would Have Happened If Michael Jordan Had Stayed Retired in 1995.    

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