Early last week, a man wearing a blue dress, a wig, and some heels approached a car in Orlando, Fla. and asked for a ride. However, the people inside of the car said that they couldn't give the man a ride. And the man did not respond well to it.

Initially, the man threw a drink at the car before it pulled off. But he wasn't content with that. So he chased the car down, ran up next to it while it was stopped at an intersection, and did something pretty unthinkable. He picked up a big piece of cement and threw it at the car. And when it bounced off the car the first time he threw it, he picked it up again and, this time, threw it through one of the car's windows. It shattered glass everywhere and scared the daylights out of the women inside of the vehicle.

"We was scared," the driver, a woman named Corsica Cleveland, said later. "We was in fear for our lives."

Watch the man throw the cement at the car in the clip above. What a ridiculous (and dangerous!) thing to do.

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[via New York Daily News]