Attempting to lead police on a chase is one of the dumbest things that you can do. People just about never get away during police chases, and all they end up doing is racking up additional charges for themselves. But the man that you see in the mugshot above took a police chase to a whole new level recently—and he's going to pay the price for it.

Last Wednesday, the 25-year-old man—later identified as German Diaz Avalos—was spotted driving a stolen Caterpillar Skid Steer Tractor on a highway in Riverside County, Calif. without its lights on. So a police officer attempted to pull him over. However, Avalos refused to do so and, in an attempt to outrun the police, he led them on a low-speed chase through several fields. He plowed through some fences, tried to go anywhere where he thought police couldn't chase him, and eventually, he jumped off the tractor and made a break for it. But as you might expect, he didn't make it far and was apprehended by police a short time later.

Because of the police chase that he started, Avalos has now been hit with a slew of charges. He's facing an auto theft charge as well as a reckless driving charge, a vandalism charge, and a bunch of other felony charges that could put him behind bars for a long, long time. And we assume that, at some point, he'll also have to pay for all of the damage that he caused to peoples' properties.

Our question: Did he really think that he was going to outrun police…on a tractor? Sigh. Not a good idea, man. Not good at all.

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[via Patch]