Last weekend, Lil B continued his long-running beef with Kevin Durant by releasing a new track called "Fuck KD." He also put his now-infamous "Based God's Curse" back on Durant, which seemed to work wonders on Sunday afternoon when the Thunder inexplicably lost to the Lakers in Los Angeles. We documented that curse at length over here.

However, when KD was asked about Lil B yesterday, he refused to acknowledge him. In fact, he even went as far as to say that had absolutely no idea who Lil B is:

Lil B has responded. He didn't create another diss track aimed at KD, though. He also didn't go on a long-winded Twitter rant about KD. Rather, he simply retweeted this tweet that KD sent to Nate Robinson all the way back in May 2011:

Ha! All things considered, it was probably the best comeback Lil B has had for KD yet.

Of course, it's pretty obvious—even without that retweet—that KD does know who Lil B is, because he's the one who technically started the beef between them. But we appreciate the fact that Lil B put in a ton of effort to provide us with proof. And we love that someone is going to have to ask KD about that tweet at some point and continue to connect his legacy to Lil B's. What a weird beef this has become.

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