Think what you want to think about Justin Bieber and the ways he spent the past year, but this kid has some solid selections for the rides he's been in. He's been spotted in supercars, classics, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, he's been seen skateboarding, and the ultra-luxe limos. But here's the thing: In order to see a lot of the cars he's driving, you have to go through his Instagram. Which is litered with hundreds of photos of his check-me-out-I'm-super-swaggy-and-have-muscles-showing-cause-I'm-skinny look. Ain't nobody tryin' to see that. So, we took the hit for you guys and pulled some of the cool cars and rides he's been posting, just so you don't have to look through those. Check out Justin Bieber's Best Rides Photos on Instagram. 

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