Last summer, Jim Kelly revealed that he had cancer in his upper jaw bone. And while he had surgery a short time after making his announcement and was eventually declared cancer-free, the cancer has unfortunately returned. It has been very aggressive, too, and has started to spread to other parts of his body.

Because of that, the former Buffalo Bills quarterback was slated to undergo surgery tomorrow in order to remove the cancer from his body. But earlier this afternoon, Kelly's wife Jill revealed that that surgery has now been canceled because "the cancer is in areas that surgery cannot successfully eradicate." So now, Kelly is going to start undergoing intense chemotherapy and radiation in order to try and rid his body of the cancer. He likely has a long road ahead of him, but his wife maintains that the Kelly family is optimistic about his chances of beating the cancer again.

We obviously wish Kelly and his entire family nothing but the best. Everyone say an extra prayer for them today.

[via Eye on Football]