Normally car chase videos are grainy, low resolution, and unclear. Well it looks like a news station finally came up with the following idea: Put a decent camera on a helicopter. We're shocked it took so long.

Regardless, that camera caught some footage that certainly looks like it could be lifted straight from the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto. The filming starts on a man who had just stolen a car ditching it in favor of an unsuspecting woman's minivan (why the minivan?). Police then use their ham fists to cause severe tire damage to the cars of a few innocent motorists while trying to take down the criminal before he carjacks another woman.

After crashing this third stolen car, he tries to run on foot, spazzes out a few times, sucks at climbing a fence, and the chase comes to a painful looking end on some snowy rocks. Crime doesn't pay, it just gets us to make fun of you on the Internet.

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[via Gawker