Anything becomes cool if you add the word “stealth” or “future” to it. Honda has added both of those words to its description of the new NM4 Vultus motorcycle, which means it’s doubly cool.

The Vultus was designed by a young team of engineers who penned the bike in the style of Japan’s popular anime and manga films, commonly referred to as “Japanimation.” The design embraces those iconic angled lines of the B-2 stealth bomber and its matte finish, but most importantly - it exudes that same ominous presence. 

An enticing looker indeed, but is the performance up-to-snuff? Underneath the bodywork is a 745cc twin-cylinder engine that has been canted forward to reduce the center of gravity (a good sign), delivering 54 hp and 50 lb.-ft. of torque. It wrestles the power to the road with a dual clutch transmission, giving riders an automatic mode and trigger-operated manual mode.

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[via Honda]