Holden’s Australian production might be destined to close in 2017, but Holden’s renowned high-performance tuner hopes to change gears and work on new projects with Chevrolet for the American market.

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has been cranking-out tuned Commodores in Australia for over 25 years, but the firm believes that the same business plan could be applied to expanding Chevy’s North American performance lineup. The imagined “CSV” brand of Chevy vehicles in the US could be a very potent combination, but further discussions with General Motors need to be arranged. The next-generation Camaro and SS will share Cadillac’s new Alpha rear-wheel drive platform; a drive-type that HSV should be no stranger to.

The group has every intention of carrying the HSV brand beyond 2017, and we sincerely hope it finds a home over here. If a four-door HSV Commodore could be so nutty, imagine what a two-door HSV Camaro would be like. Make it happen GM, the Z/28 might as well have a younger brother.

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[via motoring.com.au]