Teams: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Result: 28-6, Cardinals
MVPs: Chick Hafey, Jim Bottomley
Date: 7/6/1929

In 1929, the Philadelphia Phillies weren't having their greatest season. By July, they were sitting well under .500, and beginning to show signs of the squad that would end up finishing 11 games under .500 at season's end. The Cardinals weren't much better in terms of record, but on July 6, they were leaps and bounds more intimidating on the scoreboard.

Matched up in Philadelphia that day, the Cardinals embarrassed the Phillies on their home soil, notching 10 runs in the first inning and never looking back. Jim Bottomley's seven RBIs were crucial for St. Louis, as were Chick Hafey's four. The second half of a double-header, it's likely that the Cards were looking for revenge for the game they had dropped to Philadelphia earlier in the day. It's safe to say that they got it.