Career: 1994-2005
Team(s): Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets
Three-point career stats: 1,150-2,754, (.418)

The Rifleman's younger brother actually turned out to be far more of a precise shooter. While Chuck Person settles for an honorable mention, Wesley quietly ended his career in the top ten for career three-point percentage. At the moment he's still a very respectable 13th. He led the league in three-point FG's in 1997-98 and finished in the top five in percentage five times. While his journeyman career saw seven cities in 11 seasons his ability to stroke the three-ball earned him $45 million. If your 6'6"+ your next step should be obvious: Drop out of school or quit your job to work on that jumper.