It looks like the worst of winter is finally behind us. And that's great news for those of us who own cars. Because between trying to get the ice off our windows every other day and shoveling our cars out of the same spots every other week, this winter was brutal. And as one driver in Charlotte, N.C. found out recently, it was so brutal that it's still having a negative effect on some vehicles, even though it didn't snow much this week.

On Friday morning, a car was parked outside of Bank of America's Corporate Center—which is the tallest building in the city of Charlotte—when, suddenly, a gigantic ball of ice, which witnesses said was the size of a volleyball, fell off the building and crashed through the car's back window. Thankfully, no one was hurt, despite the fact that there were several people inside of the car. But the vehicle sustained quite a bit of damage:

Let this be a lesson to all of us: Even though winter is over, there are still a few winter-related hazards to look out for out there. So be safe and, please, no more praying for snow!

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