You're going to find this surprising, but some people with oodles of money for supercars end up driving their rides like idiots. Perhaps the money helps create a sense of entitlement that leads to reckless decisions on the road. That too would be surprising, right? Whatever the cause, watching supercars crash is more fascinating than their cheaper, slower counterparts. We don't want to watch the world burn, we just can't look away when it happens. Watch the supercars fall victim to their senseless owners with these insane GIFs:

The only way to look like more of an ass while passing at ridiculously high speeds. 

The driver here is a Lamborghini test driver. We're sure the company was even more mad than usual about a spy photographer being around. 

A Lamborghini sandwich. The meat is pricier than the bread. 

This happened back in March of '07 when Eddie Griffin was behind the wheel of this poor, unsuspecting Enzo. The car belonged to the producer of the film Griffin was promoting. Said producer is an absolute saint for not murdering Griffin on the spot. 

This man's insurance company argued he was committing insurance fraud. We'd have to side with it, considering how blatant this footage is. 

Look at the dude who jukes better than Adrian Peterson. 

That poor, poor Porsche. Oh, and the innocent bystanders, too. 

This isn't the first time we've told you drifting is best left to the professionals

Why would someone even take this risk? We wouldn't even try with a Ford Contour, let alone Kanye West's Lamborghini Aventador. 

Mere inches saved this SLS AMG from being smoked. 


If only GIFs could capture the pure joy of the guy behind the camera (and us) laughing at the failed act of dick swinging. 

Ok, this guy isn't actually driving. But he's being an idiot before he can even start the car. Don't get all loosey goosey with Maserati doors. 

Running over the foot of the cop who's already giving you a ticket probably isn't a good idea. Being rich doesn't guarantee intelligence. 

Homeboy's lucky he hit a van instead of all those pedestrians. He'd have been giving up his 'Rarri to pay damages. 

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