There's nothing particularly new about crazy sports fans running onto the court in the middle of a basketball game, sprinting into the outfield during a baseball game, or taking the field while a football game is going on. It actually happens quite a bit. But last night, fans at the Lightning/Maple Leafs game in Toronto witnessed a rarity—a crazy fan running onto the ice during an NHL game.

We don't know what the fan was thinking or why he thought it would be a good idea to jump over the boards and run across the ice with less than a minute remaining in the third period and the Lightning leading comfortably 5-3. But he didn't make it very far. Within just a few seconds, he was surrounded by security, escorted off the ice, and (presumably) arrested for trespassing.

Watch the clip above to see the man in action. Luckily for him, there were no players on the ice when he decided to run across it. Otherwise, this could have ended very, very badly.

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[via Eye on Hockey]