It seems like damn near every luxury automaker is planning on debuting a car in the $120,000-$175,000 range these days. It used to be that Porsche's 911 sat more or less alone as the step between the proleteriat's sports cars and the $200,000+ exotics, but now more and more cars are getting announced in that price range. McLaren is working on a car in that range, Spyker is selling bonds to produce the $150k-ish B6 Venator, AMG's new car is aimed at the 911, Maserati's Alfieri concept slots in to this segment, and Jaguar's F-Type R Coupe is pushing into this price bracket. Things are heating up.

Now Bentley is getting in on the action as well. A sub-Continental "baby Bentley" is planned for a 2020 debut. Bentley Sales and Marketing executive Kevin Rose described the brand as being built on "performance and luxuriousness," and elaborated on that point: “Any car that offers something unique, with both of those bases well covered, is on the table. But we would never try to copy a Ferrari or a Porsche.”

We can't wait to see it.

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[via Autocar