In the capital city of Congo the arms directing traffic don't belong to an officer; they belong to a giant robot. Kinshasa has deployed two eight-foot-tall, $15,000 robots at two of the city's busiest intersections. While their arms direct traffic, the chest displays tell pedestrians when it's safe to cross the street. There are also cameras mounted to the shoulders to capture any infractions. 

The people of Kinshasa don't seem to be worried about surveillance and love the robots. A taxi driver interviewed for the video below said, "When it stops the traffic you can see that everybody stops and that pedestrians can cross without a problem. Thank God for those who invented it." 

The president of Women's Technology, the company behind the robots, said she wants to take the product global. We'd love to see the robots in America. They'd be much cooler than the basic bitch traffic lights we have right now. Sure they're pricey, but they'd let us live out some Robocop dreams. And if you want a more responsible argument, the robots are also solar-powered.

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[via Autoblog]