Dwyane Wade is no stranger to flopping. Go and Google "dwyane wade flop" and you'll see all kinds of phony fouls that have been called as a result of D-Wade's flopping abilities. But last night during a game against the Rockets, the Heat guard pulled off what may go down as his best flop yet.

While Wade was guarding Harden at the top of the key, Harden pump-faked Wade and got him off the ground. Then, Harden went to drive by him and inadvertently flailed his arm up near Wade's head. And Wade used that as an opportunity to pretend that Harden had just decapitated him. He stumbled sideways, braced himself, and then fell to the ground. It was dramatic, to say the least.

Harden got called for a foul on the play. But something tells us that Wade is going to receive a fine, not an Oscar, when the NBA gets a hold of this tape. Nice try, though!

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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