On Wednesday afternoon, the Bowdoin College men's hockey team was dining at an Italian restaurant in Oswego, N.Y. in the middle of a snowstorm when they noticed that their team bus was moving towards the front of the establishment. No big deal, right? It was probably just the bus driver moving closer to the front door so that he could pick the team up later. There was just one problem, though: The bus driver was sitting down and eating alongside of them!

"The bus driver was inside having lunch," the restaurant's owner said later. "We saw the bus sliding across the street…and then, bang!"

As it turns out, the icy conditions outside coupled with the slope of the parking lot were not a good combination. It resulted in the bus, which was empty at the time, sliding towards the restaurant and eventually crashing through the front of it. It made quite a mess both inside and outside. And it also did a lot of damage to the bus, which you can see in this photo:

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the crash. But in the end, the Bowdoin team's game in Oswego ended up being postponed. So they went through all of this for nothing.

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[via Syracuse]