A husband-and-wife from Missoula, Mont. is documenting motorcyclists who cruise the streets with their dogs in the new film Sit Stay Ride. Don’t worry, these hounds aren’t sitting on the handlebars, they ride along in sidecars. Stop dialing the animal cruelty hotline, please. Many of the dogs in the film were adopted from the Humane Society.

Filmmakers Eric Ristau and Geneva Liimatta shot most of the production in California, Washington, and Montana, but would like to include other sidecar dogs from across the country. It’s a story that will melt any dog-lovers heart, but Ristau and Liimatta will need some backing to finish the project. 

A Kickstarter fund has been started to raise money for the film, with $10,000 already donated of the $28,000 budget. You can find the link here if you would like to donate.

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[via PR Newswire]