You know Doc Rivers wasn't playing any games, especially after what he went through with Rajon Rondo. Big Baby tried to live up to his name last night and Rivers wasn't having it.

The coach sent Glen Davis back to the locker early in the second quarter for disciplinary issues (combining "Big Baby" and "disciplinary issues" sounds kinda like he got spanked when taken out of context). Davis exchanged some words with Rivers, who told him to have a seat.  Clippers assistant coach Alvin Gentry tried calming him down, but Rivers ended up kicking him off the bench.

Rivers maintained this isn't anything personal against Davis—who he coached at Boston.

"He was emotional tonight, and we told him to go sit down," Rivers said, according to ESPN. "I just thought he was a distraction, and when guys are a distraction, I don't think they should be on the bench. If you're a distraction for anybody on the bench that should be paying attention to the game, then go sit in the back so our guys can watch the game."

So no whippings or timeouts, although Rivers arguably would give one if he could.

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[via ESPN]