We’re talking about the new Dartz Prombron White Horse of course, the ideal ride for Eastern European drug dealers and perhaps a new presidential limo replacement. 

Dartz will release this limited edition especially for the Chinese market, following up on the equally strange Prombron Black.Dragon SUV. Styling seems to have been done by a children’s toy manufacturer, but the company spares no expense in tailoring each vehicle's interior.  Inside, Dartz will install a 42-inch television, Wi-Fi internet, bulletproof glass and armor, as well as a champagne cooler. Surprisingly, power is supplied via a not-so-Latvian GM Vortec V8 or a Duramax turbodiesel

You may be expecting a price tag in the $100,000 range, or perhaps the $200,000 range for all this odd-ball luxury. Well, you’d be wrong. The Dartz White Horse will go on sale next summer for an estimated $1 million. No word on whether this one will feature a whale penis interior.

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[via Left Lane News]