Test drives can mark the moment we fall in love with a car, the moment we decide we can't live without it any longer. The fact that you have a car salesman acting as the third wheel doesn't usually sour the experience, unless you're this woman in Hawaii

A car salesman started taking this video in the middle of being berated by the test driver. She takes issue with his insane request that she stop doing 70 mph in a 30 zone, something she does all the time. Actually... "all the fucking time." The woman launches into the salesman, dropping gems like, "It's my test! Not yours!"

To which the salesman replies, "It's my life!"

The woman also tells him to shut the fuck up, that he should get out if he doesn't like it, and that he's a "haole," a derogatory used in Hawaii against white people. Even if this guy didn't get a sale, he deserves commission for putting up with this. 

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[via Jalopnik