Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans are in a tough spot right now. Everybody knows that Johnson can be one of the top running backs in the entire league. There's a reason that he has the nickname CJ2K, you know. After combining for 4,598 yards and 34 touchdowns in his first three seasons in the league, he has slightly stumbled to 3,367 yards and 16 TDs in his past three seasons. Now, that's not bad by any means, and it certainly partially has to do with the fact that the Titans have also had some tumultuous seasons as of late. But this has lead to a crossroads. 

Over the next two seasons, Johnson is scheduled to make $16 million. That's a problem for Tennessee, and after he averaged his lowest YPC (3.9, the first time below 4.0) of his career, few teams think he's worth $8 million per year. SO. That means he's either going to get traded, get cut, or take a pay cut (or some combination of those). It doesn't help his case that he recently had knee surgery in January to fix a torn meniscus. 

Now, while the direction of his football career is currently hanging in the balance, his Instagram game has remained on point. His posts are often showing off how he has used his multi-million-dollar contract, and what we're obviously interested in are his cars. He has a Maybach, he has a Ferrari, he has/had a Can-Am Spyder, he had a Bentley, and there are some others mixed in, as well. While we wait to see what happens with one of the most exciting backs in the league, check out the cars he'll be driving to training camp: 

CaptionListen the ghost umbrella it's not raining but it's juicing keep me dry AIIIN

CaptionIt's just different Loud pack #Gucci ...shot out to my shooter/auntie

Caption#tbt #JUICE

Caption#kazannnn #RETRO10's

Caption: Damn I miss my 760Li BMW it was a real luv ya shout out to @natethegreat407

CaptionGM Boss sh*t in the back of the maybi @407ballie making boss moves#MAYBACH #57 #BACKOFTHEBACH #AIIIN #JUICE

Caption: GM my baby almost home #JUICE


Caption: It was hard to do it but had to say good bye to my sky blue baby we had to go our separate ways