Carbon fiber just can't catch a break these past two weeks. First LeBron's Batmanesque mask was banned by the league, and now Pagani's introduced us to the insane, Batmobile-trumping Zonda Revolucion that's banned from U.S. streets. Everything fun really is illegal. 

With more wings than an aviary and an even higher number of canards, the last special-edition Zonda could only be at home on a track. Mercedes AMG laced it up with a 800-horsepower, 6-liter V12 engine. The carbon fiber body helps the supercar drop down to only 2,358 pounds, light enough to warrant a second bird reference. 

The $2.9-million price tag proves la the Revolucion is not the car we need. But the one we deserve? Well... We think we've worked pretty hard this year. 

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[via Pagani