Commuters in Bristol, England will want to consider a change of clothes before work. In an effort to get people thinking unconventionally about architecture and infrastructure, British artist Luke Jerram will build a 300-foot water slide linking neighborhoods to downtown Bristol.

"As artists, architects, planners, and just the public, maybe it’s up to us to think of how we want to use the city, and what sort of future we want to see,” Jerram said. "I suppose I think this slide is sort of an experiment, an arrow pointing in one particular direction."

To fund the project Jerram is trying to raise $9,000 through crowdfunding. The slide will go up on May 4 if the campaign is successful, and afterwards he'll release instructions so the project can be replicated in other cities. That means you won't have to fly overseas to enjoy this awesome idea. 

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[via Co.Exist