What happens in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room, right? Hardly. Wall-to-wall media accessibility and the fact that in 2014, everyone has a camera in their pockets has opened up what used to be a sacred place for athletes. There are no secrets—and if there are, we’re finding them. Thankfully, athletes like Seattle Sounders’ midfielder Brad Evans are willing to play the spy so we don't have to. Speaking to Complex TV, Evans dished out details about his teammates, both on and off the pitch—who does the craziest tricks in practice, who sucks at dancing, who is the social media whore, who rules FIFA—and the whole roster was fair game. 

As Seattle prepares to host the newly stacked Toronto FC tomorrow afternoon (you know the MLS regular season started, right? Right?), get to know the 2014 Seattle Sounders from the unique perspective of one of their own in the debut episode of "The Eye in Team."