Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin has been enjoying his best season to date this year. Averaging 24.4 PPG to go along with nearly 10 RPG, Griffin has made the Clips even more serious contenders for the NBA title by increasing his range of post moves, and continuing to display the tenacity and athleticism that have made him such a dynamic player. Now in his fourth season in the league, it appears that Griffin is finally ready to emerge as the polished All-Star presence that everyone has been expecting him to be. 

However, Griffin isn't being brought up here simply because of his talented play this season. Tomorrow is Blake Griffin's birthday, and the forward is turning 25. Amazing, right? Griffin's game is well beyond its years, even if he is starting to become something of a veteran in the league. 

Of course, now that Griffin is about to be 25, one has to wonder who will take his place as the new best player under the age of 25. There's no shortage of candidates, as James Harden, Damian Lillard and Paul George have all proved themselves as worthy options for the title. But now, here's a chance for you to compare all their accomplishments and statistics side-by-side, and decide for yourself who you think the true no. 1 is. These are The 25 Best NBA Players Under 25

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