Aston Martin's VH platform has underpinned every Aston since 2001. Despite the updates, it's firmly behind the times at this point, which is a shame, since Aston is still designing the sexiest looking cars on the market. After looking at an Aston, you want it to drive better than the competition.

In order to attain this, the British marque is looking at getting the rights to the modular platform that Mercedes is building for the next-gen SLK and SL roadsters. In addition to the sports car platform, Aston is also planning to borrow the GL's underpinnings for its new Lagonda SUV. 

The problem is that Aston probably doesn't have the money to buy the rights to the platforms and to develop new cars on them. A recent $165 Million in bond sales have probably helped, but the company is going to need more. 

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[via Motor Authority

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