College basketball isn't for the faint of heart. The earth was on the verge of breaking yesterday, and shit once again got real with tonight's Arizona and Wisconsin overtime game. Just look at Sean Miller's facial expression above. It's like one of those closing shots of WWE Raw when a wrestler gets caught up in some sort of cliffhanger ending.

It was the reaction to an offensive foul call on Nick Johnson with under five seconds left in the game. You can't chokeslam the refs no matter how much they deserve it, so Arizona could only watch stunned as it lost possession down one point.

Then there was another twist. Wisconsin botched its inbound play and Arizona regained possession after a review. Johnson (who scored a team-leading 16 points) missed the ensuing jumper and the Badgers escaped, 64-63. Wisconsin frolics. Arizona mourns.

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[via SB Nation]