We love and respect a lot of what DJ Khaled does. But his jump shot is one of the ugliest things that we've ever seen. He took part in a free throw shooting contest with Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and French Montana late last year and showed off just how ugly his jumper truly is. Just watch the video below. His shot makes Shawn Marion's J look like a thing of beauty:

Somehow, though, Khaled actually managed to win that free throw shooting contest. And as a result, he walked away with more than $100,000. But now, it sounds like he might have a much bigger challenge on his hands. Because earlier today, 2 Chainz clowned his jumper in a YouTube video that he released and challenged Khaled to a jump shooting contest:

If we're Khaled, we're staying far, far, far, far, faaaaaaar away from this bet. It was one thing to knock off Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and French Montana. But 2 Chainz actually has some skills on the basketball court—and a pretty decent jumper:

So unless he's got a pile of money he doesn't care about losing, we wouldn't recommend Khaled taking the bait here.

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[via 2 Chainz]