Nickname: None
Location: Alaska
Fear factor: The longest stretch of serviceless road in North America; 240-mile (386-km) stretch of road with no gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or any other basic services
Choice ride: Land Rover LR4 Discovery

You won't have to stray far from home to find one of the world's most dangerous roads. And no, we're not referring to the I-95 (which, on a side note, is pretty shitty in itself). Rather, the Dalton Highway holds down that distinct title for the United States.

Roughly 414 miles long, the Dalton runs from the Arctic Ocean down midway through the state to Fairbanks. About 240 miles of that road features absolutely no gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or any other services, making it the longest stretch of service-less road in North America. If that isn't enough to get your attention, the frigid temperatures and challenging terrain you'll come across sure will. Accidents are not uncommon on the Dalton, and the fact that that the nearest medical facility could he hundreds of miles away makes it even more dangerous.

To take on the last frontier, we call upon the Land Rover LR4 Discovery to get the job done. Anyone who's an off-road auto enthusiast knows the LR4 is a proven workhorse when it comes to taking on unreliable terrain. Simply put, the SUV is built for adventure. Its top-tier steering, suspension and traction combine to help drivers stay connected to the road without skimping on performance. Advanced features like Gradient Acceleration Control will help make the steep descents you'll face on the Dalton less treacherous. Not to mention, you'll be so caught up by the luxurious interior of the vehicle that you may not even notice all the dangers your LR4 just helped you avoid. Just make sure you bring a couple extra tanks of gas.