Every single time Long Island, N.Y. resident Gayle Sorrentino pulls into her driveway, she parks in the same exact spot. But when she pulled into the spot on Friday afternoon, things did not go as they usually do. Because when she pulled into her driveway after a trip to an acupuncturist, her spot suddenly vanished, sending her and her Subaru plunging headfirst into a sinkhole.

Fortunately, both Sorrentino and her car are fine after the ordeal. Unlike some sinkholes that form, the sinkhole in Sorrentino's driveway was only about 15 feet deep and likely formed as the result of a collapsed cesspool underneath the ground. But the incident was still scary, mostly because everything happened so quickly.

"There was no sound," Sorrentino said shortly after she was able to climb out of the sinkhole. "The car just slid into the ground. The car went in at like a straight angle. I pulled in looking at my beautiful backyard and then I was looking at a mound of dirt."

Sorrentino's car was pulled from the hole on Friday and, outside of some mud and dirt on the hood, it's perfectly fine. And while her driveway was cordoned off after the sinkhole formed, it has since been filled in with sand. So within the next few weeks, Sorrentino should have her parking spot back once the driveway gets repaved and everything. Assuming, of course, she still wants it after what just happened to her.

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[via New York Daily News]