Common courtesy/not being a shitty parent should already dictate not turning your car into a hotbox of secondhand cancerous death fumes while your children are present. Because common courtesy/not being a shitty parent is never universal, lawmakers in the United Kingdom will soon vote on a law that would make it illegal to smoke in a car with a child. Somehow there's opposition coming out of the UK. 

"Adults already know how to behave," said Simon Clark, director of a pro-smoking group, "they don't need the state interfering in their lives like this. If there are still some people who smoke in a car with children, then let's educate them, but let's not legislate,"

If people don't know smoking with their kids in the car is bad, they're beyond being saved by education. Sources say the law, if passed, would call for fines up to $100 for first-time offenses. We hope that'll be motivation not to harm children if harming children wasn't enough already. 

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[via Left Lane News]

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