Earlier today, a "story" surfaced about Blake Griffin putting hands on Justin Bieber. Oddly enough, the incident started after Bieber was denied his order of a caramel apple macchiato because he didn't have a shirt on. Eventually, out of nowhere, Blake Griffin who was sitting at a table nearby, got up and "smacked the shit" out of the Biebs.

Obviously, this story turned out to be false, but it didn't stop people from voicing their approval of Griffin's actions on Twitter. Here are some examples below: 

Blake Griffin is my new hero pic.twitter.com/oCFV42MNjt

— Luke Povolny (@LJpovolny19) February 11, 2014

I wish the Blake Griffin story was true.

— Blake Ryan Nasty (@_shakenblake_21) February 11, 2014

Finally somebody slapped Justin Bieber around. Blake Griffin stepped up to the plate. If I'm president I deport Bieber in a second #gone

— Tyler Nordgren (@TylerENordgren) February 11, 2014

@WorldStarFunny: Blake Griffin is now my favorite player. pic.twitter.com/w4dNKmXQ6S” lob city to smack city haha

— bry- (@bryancalabio) February 11, 2014

if this blake griffin smacking bieber story is even 1/8th true i am 102% buying a griffin jersey tomorrow.

— brad copeland (@brad_copeland) February 11, 2014

Your service to this world for smacking Bieber will never be forgotten. Thank you sir @blakegriffin32

— Nic Moyers (@BigNic9) February 11, 2014

@Timmmyahhh: JB is out of control wow. Blake Griffen is a G thoughh pic.twitter.com/xnrmGyoSqj” hahahah