When Jeff Van Gundy revealed on Jan. 31 during the Thunder/Nets game that Tracy McGrady was going to play independent league baseball as a pitcher, we were admittedly a little skeptical. But, it looks like McGrady is really going ahead with the plan. On Monday, T-Mac threw to hitters in a 20-minute bullpen session at Constellation Field, home of the Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters

Barrett Barnes, a minor league outfielder in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, commented on McGrady's pitching ability, revealing, "Say his velo is 87, but with his arms and his body, it feels like it's 90-91 (MPH)," Barnes said. "His velo might by lower, but it feels like it gets on you way faster." It sounds like T-Mac may have what it takes to at least crack the independent baseball league. 

Check out the video above to see McGrady hurling it on the mound. 

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[via My FOX Houston]