With the NBA All-Star Weekend kicking off, we decided to pay tribute to the annual event where groupies and fans congregate to beg athletes and celebrities for acknowledgment in a joint race to the bottom. This weekend, everyone's out to land their own Paul George. And it doesn't hurt to get a head start. With the advent and popularization of social media, you're seeing more and more people reach out in desperation for any type of back-and-forth and every once in a while the thirst has to be documented.

Some people use Twitter to give one-liners away for free. Some use it to give updates on everyday life, restaurants they ate at, or take pics of food with unnecessary hashtags. Then there's those who use it to check their pride at the door and publicly grovel at the virtual feet of celebrities and athletes worldwide. The first two are a little odd but the third is pitiable. After all, aren't most users being followed by coworkers, friends and family? "Hey look there's someone I fell out of touch after high school sending Skylar Diggins creepy direct tweets. Damn, what the hell happened to his life?" Few people will understand why their timeline has a tweet that says "wank me," @ Diddy. We get it, but your followers probably won't.

At least people on Twitter behave themselves far better than those on Instagram, when it comes to celebrity supplicants. Calls for follow backs, stabs at love and blatant innuendos all qualify. Here’s The Thirstiest NBA All-Star Weekend Comments.

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