The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has turned into a joke in recent years. None of the really big names (WE'RE LOOKING AT YOU, LEBRON!) have agreed to take part in it. So we've been forced to watch some pretty crappy Dunk Contest competitions. It sounds like things might be different this year, though, as there are some pretty big names who have reportedly agreed to take part in this year's Dunk Contest. The participants will include:

  1. Damian Lillard
  2. Paul George
  3. John Wall
  4. Terrence Ross
  5. Harrison Barnes
  6. Ben McLemore

Still no LeBron. But this lineup is way better than anything that we've seen from the Dunk Contest over the course of the last few years (SORRY, JEREMY EVANS!). So for once, we might actually have to tune into it.

Who you got taking the title this year?

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[via ESPN]