The 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest has one of its best fields in years yet the league still keeps fucking with the rules. They've chosen to have a team system where it's East vs. West or whatever. We don't understand what's so hard about leaving the damn rules alone. Just give them three tries and if they can't get a dunk down, they can go sit they ass down. We're tired of seeing 1,500 missed dunks in a two minute span, just to see the judges award a 50 for some lazy-legged throwdown. Even with the new format we hope Paul George, Harrison Barnes, Terrance Ross, John Wall, Damian Lillard, and Ben McLemore can bring the that feeling back.

With that being said, we take a look back at every NBA dunk contest and attempt to rank them. Remember Mike versus 'Nique in '88? How about Harold Miner's performance in '93? And who could forget Vinsanity in 2000? This was a tall task. Check out: Ranking Every NBA Slam Dunk Contest from Best to Worst.

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