Record: 9-0
Key player: Doc Blanchard

You know how every once in a while a team comes around that transcends sports? Well, the '45 Army Cadets definitely fall into that category. World War II had ended just before the start of the season, and combined with winning the war, the Cadets had just rattled off a perfect football season the year before. Talk about killing it on all fronts. Blowout wins became the calling card of Army's 1945 season, including lambasting the Fighting Irish at a sold out Yankee Stadium 48-0. Star running back, Felix "Doc" Blanchard, would finish the season with 19 touchdowns and 718 yards, taking home the Heisman Trophy for his efforts.

National champs in '44 and '45, with a World War win in between, now that's what we call ballin'.