Undefeated. It’s a term associated with every sports team, no matter the level, which means perfection. A lot of wins, maybe a few draws, but absolutely no losses. There aren’t many squads who can say they’ve achieved such a feat, however, there are more than you may think. Sports have been played at the collegiate and professional level for generations, so naturally there are going to be perfect seasons, but not all flawless performances are created equal. No, a closer examination of a team’s formidable run is necessary, because as fans and analysts are quick to point out, every sport was different at various periods in history. Whether it be the competition, rules, or general playing style, sport in 1975 is not at the level at which athletes compete today. Still, there are teams who’ve gone unbeaten, and seem to defy the confines of time and period.

These few squads are not just regarded as the best for their season, but have often been stacked against the best from other eras of their respective leagues. Those are the teams we’re interested in. Those are the teams worth talking about. From the ’67 UCLA Bruins to the ’02 UConn Huskies, check out the Most Impressive Perfect Seasons in Sports History.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)

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