Guys, chickens are totally people, too. Why shouldn't they get a roadside memorial for dying in a car crash instead of where they would have been slaughtered later? PETA is fighting for that right in Gainesville, Ga., "the poultry capital of the world." 

Last month "dozens" of chickens died when the truck they were being carried in overturned on US 129. PETA wants to memorialize those chickens and has asked the Georgia Department of Transportation to allow 10-foot-tall tombstone at the site of the crash. 

This amounts to little more than a publicity stunt. The memorial will never happen because GDOT has already pledged to remove all homemade roadside memorials for actual people. The department does allow the deceaseds' families to purchase $100 signs that'll be posted for a year. Perhaps PETA could go that route. "Drive safely. In Memory, Chickens robbed of their nuggety future."

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[via Autoblog