Remember when Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon last year and then spent a few weeks sending out photos of his gruesome injury? He did everything but put up a picture of doctors performing surgery on him (oh wait, nevermind). And right now, it appears as though his teammate Pau Gasol is taking the same approach.

The Lakers center suffered a groin injury recently. And in order to help it heal more quickly, he's been undergoing PRP treatments (PRP is a blood-spinning treatment that's thought to promote healing). And for whatever reason, he threw up a photo of him having a PRP treatment done very late last night. Here it is:

We appreciate the update, Pau. But uhhhh…what are we looking at here? Is this your groin? If so, thanks but no thanks. Next time, a simple Twitter update will do. It'll be just as effective as this photo, and we won't have to explain why this is on our computer screen at work.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]