That's it. We're never doing car repairs on our own ever again—not after reading about this woman who lost her hand while working on her truck. Joan Zuber, a 70-something in Oregon, was repairing her truck dolo when the hood fell and trapped her arm. She stayed there, trapped, for 18 hours in 30-degree weather until her neighbors finally heard her cries for help. Once she made it to the hospital, doctors had to amputate her hand

Somehow Zuber isn't demoralized. "...she's doing great and not that big of a deal," her daughter said. "She said that it really wasn't that bad so doesn't surprise me. She's doing good and her spirits are really up."

Stubbing your toe isn't that big of deal. Having half as many hands as you did the day before is, in our world, a big deal. Zubar is so tough she could kick our asses with her one remaining fist. It's surprising that she didn't go 127 Hours on her arm. 

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[via Jalopnik