There's literally been thousands of tweets cursing and threatening James Dolan throughout his years as the Knicks' owner. It's just that one teenager got unlucky enough to be caught doing so by the police.

Distraught Knicks fan John Giamella, a 19-year-old, got arrested after tweeting, “James Dolan, it’s officially time to die” and "Death to James Dolan.” It's OK for the Knicks to suck, but it's IMPERATIVE that Dolan is protected by any means necessary.

Also, it's not like there hasn't been a few over-the-top shots at Dolan before:

That said, none of them has pictures of themselves holding a gun to the camera and another one over his genitals. So it's absolutely understandable why police took these measures. Giamella and others go through the hassle of threatening Dolan without realizing they're not helping the Knicks get any better.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]