NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us once again and there will be a bevy of NBA stars and celebrities featured throughout the festivities. While we still have some form of respect for the current structure and setup of the best All-Star setup of all the major sports, we can't forget about the signature moments that happened throughout the '90s All-Star Weekends from the past. Dee Brown pumping up his Reeboks and the rise and fall of Harold "Baby Jordan" Miner are synonymous with the decade and can't be forgotten.

Also, we didn't have to cope with the overload of advertisements and sponsorships throughout the weekend or  the copious amount of gimmicks in the dunk contest.  We also miss the general camaraderie amongst players in the '90s. Take some time to reminisce about how All-Star Weekend used to be and you'll soon understand why the '90s All-Star Weekends are better than the current All-Star Weekend setup. From Magic Johnson to Michael Jordan, here are 20 Reasons Why NBA All-Star Weekend Was Better in the '90s.

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