We don't know what set off Mike Alessi in this Motorcross race. Everything seems normal as Brock Tickle passes Alessi. Certainly the pass shouldn't invoke any anger other than the oh-shit-I-need-to-step-my-game-up type. But Alessi escalates things quickly and straight takes out Tickle when the two reach the next turn. 

Alessi makes no attempts to disguise his intent as he goes head-first into Tickle's side. He's obviously trying to crash into Tickle and succeeds, but he also takes himself out, which adds a layer of stupidity to the foundation of spite. Tickle was down for a bit, but seemed to be alright. Afterwards Alessi was fined $4,000 and put on probation for the rest of the season. We'd suggest he takes some anger management classes, too. 

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[via Jalopnik