Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka isn't wasting any time dipping into that $155 million Yankees contract. Tanaker reportedly chartered a 200-seat Boeing 787 to transport him and four other people from Japan to New York, according to SBS. At $195,000, the flight speaks for .12 percent of his new deal. 

Before you call it a frivolous move, you should also know the ace's Toy Poodle came along for the ride. It'd be cruel not to give the dog the space it deserves. And think about how much room for activities there was. Tanaka could have used the aisle to practice his pitching. He could have sat in every seat on the plane like a teenager who shows up too early to a movie theater. He could have gotten it on with his wife in the back and yelled, "Yeah, Tanaks!" without any of the three other passengers hearing him. Whatever he used the nearly empty plane for, we think he'll fit right in with the Evil Empire. 

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[via Extra Mustard