Truck driver Piet Mokopedi never stood a chance.

Last Saturday, he was driving a truck full of beer through a small town in South Africa when his brakes failed and he was involved in an accident that ended with his truck tipping over. Mokopedi was OK after the accident. But his cargo? Well, it wasn't. It seems his truck was loaded with lots and lots and lots of Heineken at the time of the accident, which spilled out all over the street when he got into the accident. And rather than help him, those who saw the accident take place sprung into action after the truck overturned and made off with almost all of Mokopedi's beer. In fact, they acted so quickly that just about every bottle that wasn't broken in the crash was gone by the time the police arrived on the scene a short time later.

Watch the video above to check out the aftermath of the accident. It looks like somebody must have had one hell of a party last Saturday night.

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[via New York Daily News]